Theologies Attended the Oscars

The Oscars this year entailed a great variety of movies and celebrities, but what most people did not realize was that theologies were included in this event. There was a specific movie that was nominated for many awards at the Oscars that was based on a fictional theology, but was hidden behind the main plot.

This movie was nominated for a wave of awards and won a total of six awards, this was more than any other movie at the Oscars. Mad Max: Fury Road won Oscars for best sound mixing, best sound editing, best production design, best makeup and hairstyling, best film editing, and best costume design. This movie was not based on a specific theology but had a resemblance to most. Mad Max is about life after the collapse of civilization, where the tyrannical “Immortan Joe” enslaves apocalypse survivors inside the desert fortress the Citadel. The main plot to the movie is when warrior “Imperator Furiosa” takes the despot’s five wives and helps them escape; in which she forges an alliance with “Max Rockatansky”, a loner and former captive. In trying to escape, they are armored in a huge truck called the “War Rig” trying to outrun the merciless warlord and his “War Boys” in a deadly high-speed chase through the “Wasteland.”

The theology comes in with the background story of the movie, the rise of Immortan Joe. The War Boys are raised from birth to become soldiers for Immortan Joe, who in this case is considered their “divine father figure.” These War Boys are taught that if they die while in service for Immortan Joe they can enter “Valhalla” and “feast with the fallen heroes of old. Valhalla compared to Christianity would be considered heaven. Also these War Boys speak of only having “half-lives” and being able to reach “full-lives” once on Valhalla.

These War Boys also perform many rituals before and during war. Before going to war, the War Boys approach a shrine that is composed purely of steering wheels, picking a wheel and praying to the “V8” for victory in the war. The “V8” is considered the

Immortan Joe and some War Boys

almighty in this case, and becoming one with the machine (V8) is what they try to live by. During war, the War Boys, whom think they are about to die, spray paint their mouths in chrome. This ritual is done because it gives the War Boys a high and feel of fearlessness. Also it immerses their humanity further as they hope to become more chromed as a “machine” which is done for Immortan Joe’s will.

Mad Max: Fury Road hides this theme of theology within the movie. If you have ever seen this movie and payed attention to the story of the War Boys, you can see many aspects that create this theology. Looking behind the main plot, the War Boys are loyal followers of Immortan Joe, who is consider to be a kind of an immortal god figure. Valhalla being the place to go once a War Boy has died, but only being able to enter if they died in war for Immortan Joe. They also follow many rituals just like one would for any other religion or theology. The fact that the movie Mad Max: Fury Road hid this fictional theology behind the main plot is incredible.

-Toni Lozano



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